Monday, September 2, 2013

Northern Star Polish Halloween Collection

I am so excited to share with you Northern Star Polish Halloween Collection launching 09/15/13 at noon Central time. They will come in two sizes: small .3oz (9ml) for $5.50 and full size .5oz(15ml) for $8.50. Those of you who are not familiar with Northern Star Polishes they are DBP, Toulene, and Formeldhyde and Formeldehyde-resin free. 

The colors in the Halloween set are: Twisted Treat - black with orange shimmer, Phantasmagoric - teal jelly with red-violet-blue color shifting glitter, Bella Morte - blood red jelly with black flakes and matte red glittersMacbare Delight - blue jelly with neon green and various shades of purple. As an added treat Pumpkinlicious is coming back for the season. It will fit in perfectly because it is a clear base with orange, green, and gold glitters. 

 I give the collection and Northern Star Polish an A. The polish constancy is perfect and they are very easy to apply. They also dry extremely fast which is great for me because  I am always on the go. I don't mean the fake dry either, you know what I mean. You think it's dry and when you move your polish smudges. That did not happen to me once with this polish. For those of you who know me know I fuss about that all of the time. My children always find something for me to do as soon  as I sit down to paint my nails.

As you will see in the pictures they all work wonderfully alone yet compliment each other enough to work together to create a delightful Halloween Mani.  This collection is no "trick" it's all "treat."


Twisted Treat  

Bella Morte 

Macabre Delight 


Application tip, with the glitter polishes it is better to dab the brush on the nail instead of stoking. I also found shaking the bottle after every two uses and letting the excess drip off of the brush instead of rubbing it on the side of the bottle was also helpful.

 If you want to order this beautiful collection or any of Northern Star's other polishes check them out on Esty.  Don't forget to like them on FaceBook  to see what's new.  I tried these complimentary for testing purposes but the opinion is all mine. 

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