Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sweeps Advantage

I might be new to blogging but I'm not new to sweepstakes. Although I'm not exactly lucky in the sweeps department, I have entered sweeps for a long time. The main way I enter Sweeps is on sweeps advantage and I'll tell you why. 

This website has TONS and I mean tons of sweepstakes that you can enter. They are all broken down by categories and not just categories of what you can win but when they expire, if they are daily or one time entries. You no longer have to search the web for sweepstakes, they are all in one place. I'm sure not EVERY possible sweepstakes in on their but you get my You can hop on sweeps advantage and enter giveaways all day or if you are busy you can select a certain type of sweepstakes you want to enter. Maybe you are in the mood to try you luck at instant wins, you click the instant win tab and their are hundreds of sweepstakes for you to enter. 

So if you never tried http://www.sweepsadvantage.com/ go try it now you never know what you can win until you try and with this many sweepstakes the odds are in your favor. 

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