Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Get the most out of social media

I can't imagine a world without internet or social media but I wasn't always like that. I started with a FaceBook account because everybody I knew had one and now I'm very active on all types of social media.  I joined Twitter because I joined a bunch of word of mouth sites. You know the ones that send you free products in exchange for you telling people about them. I'm a huge blabber mouth, hence the name of my blog but to complete the tasks I needed to more active in social media .

I see a lot of people say they don't understand Twitter and boy do I know what they mean.I had no idea what I was doing when I first signed up for Twitter I remembered the first time somebody followed me on twitter I thought "why is this person following me?"  I didn't know that was a good thing that somebody wanted to follow me. I didn't under WHY somebody would want to follow. Then I started to learn and thought okay I WANT followers.

If you are interested in a Twitter account but you are afraid because you don't know what you're doing. Remember a few things  it's free if you don't use it so what; it won't hurt anybody if you do it wrong for a few months (I'm sure most of us have);  don't be afraid to follow your favorite brands and or people BUT don't follow too aggressively. Did you know if you followed too many people/brands in a day they flag your account?  Me either until it happened to my niece;  To find people  you want to follow think of what you like maybe you like sewing try searching #sewing and see who comes up. Or maybe you like a certain artist find their page and follow some of the people following them; hashtags ## are a great way to get you tweet noticed you know what you typed; Don't be mad at yourself if you can't keep up with a Twitter party. They are so much fun because you get to meet other people who have the same interest plus you get to know the person behind the brand; But wow they are crazy everyone will tell you use a some type of grid and it helps but not a lot.  So don't try to keep up with everybody, just catch what you can and have fun; and last but not least my biggest challenge, there is a limit on the amount of characters you can have in one tweet. If you can't fit what you are trying to say it's time to come up with a creative way to shorten it. I have spent lots of time shortening until I realized I had to say less to get it to work. You will find your nitch, so what are you waiting for go create a Twitter account. I can be the first person you follow :) !

Another one of my favorites is Instagram but to be honest I didn't always feel that way.  I thought it was basically like FaceBook so what's the hype.  In a way it's like a modified FaceBook but it's still very cool.  It's pictures and unlike FaceBook you can't use it as as your hourly log unless you want to take a picture. So that means no long drawn out statuses on pictures to look at. Just like with Twitter hashtags are the way to get your message noticed. You again can follow people and brands that you choose to follow. Important note Instragram can only be accessed from a smart phone.

Pintrest oh Pintrest how I love you. This is one my favorites out of f all the social media out there and I don't know why. It has the least interaction with actual people and the pictures may or may not be uploaded by the person you are following. But I have found TONS of good ideas from how to do my nails to how to cook chicken you can find it there. I could spend hours pinning things I like or things I want to try. You don't have to follow anybody if you don't want, you can use hashtags but you don't have to. This is my relax time going to Pintrest and finding cool nail art. I know strange but true.

I have met some very sweet people that I consider friends on these sites they helped me so much. With any of these sites don't be afraid to engage people. Thanks ya'll !  Comment on post, respond to tweets, or retweet something you like that will let people know you are there. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask me, most people are very willing to help.

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