Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gel, Pencil, or Liquid which liner are you using

I was never a huge fan of eyeliner I always thought it was pretty but too much trouble for me. I could never get it right, when I tired I thought I looked like a raccoon. On those SPECIAL occasions where I did use liner I would use a pencil because I was oblivious to the other options out there for a long time.  My pencil worked perfectly until I had to sharpen it then I NEVER got the point the way I wanted it. It seemed like it was never the same no matter how new my sharpener was. Once the point was ruined the line was not as easy to control. I tried the ones that were in the tube and raised when you turn it but they would go flat on me. 

When I started getting back into makeup I started trying to learn eyeliner again. I saw they had liquid eyeliner and thought that would be terrible for me and super messy. I'm glad I didn't listen to myself because when I tried liquid I learned it is easier to apply and provides a more precise line than pencil. You can control it very nicely and it is not as messy as it sounds. I have made a mess on my face once or twice but that was from rushing to get it done. I don't know what I was thinking, you shouldn't rush beauty!  It is easy to control the thickness the line but the thicker the line, the higher the tendency to run. The color is very vibrant and it wears a long time but I have one complaint. Sometimes it runs, I see little dots of it under my eyes and sometimes worse. This is not all of the time and I'm not sure of the reason. I can say I do have allergies and maybe my eyes water and cause this.  

Then I discovered gel eyeliner as you can see it comes in a little pot and you apply with a brush. Most of the ones I have seen come with the brush. You won't hear me say this often but this is the HOLY GRAIL of eyeliner. It is by far the easiest to apply, wears the longest, doesn't smudge.  It goes on in a smooth unbroken line with usually one dip in the pot. You can easily control the thickness of the line as well and the color is great. What else can you ask for in a liner?  I have used three different brands, Lancome, L'Oreal and Cailyn. I liked them all and they all worked very well but I can't vouch for other brands. 

I am still not an expert at applying eyeliner but using gel and liquid have made it easier and less frustrating for me to apply. I sit down all of the time and "play" a lot to get better. From the pics you can see I'm a little boring right now with basic black (I have browns too) but I will start experimenting with colors like purple and teal because I think they are beautiful.

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