Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Broadway ImPress Nails

When I first saw the Broadway ImPress Nails in my SpringFever Voxbox I was not excited. I thought oh great I have to try press on nails.  Press on nails are fake looking and they don't stay on, I will never like them.

The pattern I received was very pretty but the first thing I noticed was they were way to short for my nails so I decided to ship them to a friend that I knew would test them. The package cost between $5.99 and $7.99 comes with 24 nails that are various sizes to fit different nails. There are also lots of different colors and pattern to choose from. Most of them very cute in my opinion. 

I read lots of reviews and people love these so you know before I shipped them off I had to play with them to see what the hype is about.  I was very surprised at how flexible the nail is it is not like a fake nails at all. The application is super simple you pull the piece of paper off of the glue strip and stick.So that means no messy glue and the tab is on the cuticle side so there is no guess work.  I put one on my thumb nail because that was my shortest nail and it stuck perfectly.  It was a great natural looking length although it was too short for me.  It covered my nail completely and it wasn't the freaky long length that I associate with press on nails.

I was able to go about my normal day and the nail stayed on. In fact it never moved after I applied it. I had to pull very hard to get it off and there was no damage to my nail. I thought they looked somewhat natural and a great shape. They also conform to your nail so well you don't feel them on. Keep in mind I only kept mine on one day but I was very shocked that I really liked these.

Would I purchase them? Heck yes if they made a size that would fit my nails. Would I recommend them to my friends and family. You betcha !  Being super fast and easy to apply these would make a great manicure for every day use or a special night.  They also have tons of cute designs that I love.  Another plus is no drying time and they only take minutes to apply and I find these are easier then the nail stickers.  I noticed these were "short" so if you see longer ones let me know I want to buy them.

My kind tester gives them two thumbs up as well. Her exact words are" I liked the design and the pattern was gorgeous but they only lasted a few hours. I think for the price and ease of use they are very worth it. It will save you a lot of time and money going to the salon. And you won't ruin your own nails."  Influenster nation gives them a B- overall not bad this is the link to read them for yourself.

Visit the Impress website they have a $1.00 right now and you can see all the cute designs and patterns for yourself and join the ImpressRevolution. 
disclaimers -- I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes but the opinion is all mine and a friend's. Some of the pics were provided by a friend as well.


  1. Oh my goodness! These look so chic and pretty!!

    1. They are so easy to use. I saw some at the Dollar Store for $4 too. I still don't think the medium will be long enough for me :(