Friday, March 1, 2013

The Taste Tuesdays on ABC 9/8c continued

As I told you earlier I was recently introduced to the Taste on ABC by Influenster  and I've been hooked ever since. I'm here to give you an update as the competition continues to heat up and to let you know it's new time is 9/8c. Catch up soon because there is only one episode left until the finale.


The Mentors Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludovic Lefebvre, and Brian Malarkey judge blind meaning they pick the best and worst dishes based on taste alone. As you can imagine when they find out their worst dish was cooked by somebody on their own team, they are not happy and the other judges rub salt in the wound.

The challenges are proving to be more difficult then the contestants expected  during The Art of the Sandwich episode one of them said "If you can't make a sandwich then what the hell kind of chef are you?" But when their hour was up a few of the contestants couldn't take the heat and  Huda and Mia were eliminated.

Last Tuesday's episode Nose to Tail Episode was not for the squeamish as the contestants cooked with offal, a variety meats or organ meats, refers to the internal organs and entrails of a butchered animal. You can bet the preparation had vegetarians and meat eaters alike squirming and turning their heads.  But when the contestants were finished cooking the spoonfuls were beautiful and it caused an internal debate on whether or not offal would be that bad to eat.

As if cooking with offal was not adventurous enough Gregg blew up a pressure cooker but still managed to win the immunity challenge. Then he seriously cut his finger while cooking for the solo competition. When it came for the judges taste test Gregg's dish was an epic fail but with immunity the judges could not send him home.  His mentor Ludovic Lebebvre, gave him a heavy tongue lashing for his lousy dish (in his an extremely heavy accent which Is hard to understand when he gets excited but fun to try) so maybe that will bring Gregg back down to earth.

No team has is completely intact but Nigella Lawson's team has been sliced and diced leaving her with one contestant who was almost elimiated last night. Three people were elimated and Lauren on Team Nigella had one of the four worst dishes. After deliberation that was almost as heated as Gregg's pressure cooker the judges eliminated Uno, NinaMarie, and Mia. Leaving Lauren in the competition to fight alone for the Nigella Lawson's team. I can't help but to cheer for her and hope that Lauren wins it all. This also left Anthony Bourdain with one contest, Diane, to finish the competition.

I hope Gregg from team Ludo does not win this competition but unfortunately he is a force to reckon with.  He has won two out of three immunity challenges but he seeems to have a hard time when it comes to individual challenges. The contestants seem to have a little bit of an issue with him and it's not hard to see why. He has this very cocky attitude but I guess that is expected since he has won two out of three immunity challenges.

Next week's episode is named Seduction I'm looking forward to Tuesday night to see what this episode brings.

Here is a sneak peak of the show

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