Friday, February 1, 2013

Magic or a hoax? - L'Oreal Magic BB Cream


L'Oreal Magic BB Cream is an all-in-one beauty product is formulated to prime (to smooth skin's texture), perfect (hide imperfections), hydrate (for all day moisture), and correct skin tones (for a healthy looking even complextion). The price is between $8.00 & $11.00 and is available at stores like WalMart or your favorite drug store. And just incase you don't know BB stands for Beauty Balm

first application

Is this BB Cream Magic? I hope this will help you decide. My normal beauty routine is probably very similar to yours, it consist of facial soap, toner, and some type if not more then one moisturizing lotion/cream. I started using BB Cream under my foundation about a month ago. I loved the way it made my face feel but didn't like the way it made my face look very oily and shiny after a few hours of use. I read a lot of post by others and figured it was just a con of wearing BB Cream. I expected the same from this BB Cream.

As with any new make up I tried a little on my hand (as pictured above) and was very impressed with the way it blended but that was not a huge concern with my other BB Cream. This one starts off white (which freaked me out a little) and then turned the color of my skin tone. The shade a received was light 812 and it blended very nicely.

Of course, the next day I couldn't wait to apply my new BB Cream and started with my normal beauty routine. I applied the cream with my fingers like is suggested with most BB Creams. It took very little to cover my entire face but I find that it was not as creamy as my previous one. I also found that it for lack of a better explanation dried pretty fast and once it dried you had to press a little harder to spread it. But once a little was applied it blended nicely and matched my skin tone beautifully. Just to warn you, if you use too much it will have a chalky look to it. There is little to no smell and if you are like me the smell of a product makes a difference.

I still need my foundation to provide enough coverage for me to be comfortable but this provided a nice primer. I loved the way it stayed on all day and in turn my foundation last all day too and my face was not oily after a few hours. If applied sparingly it provides smooth even coverage and is very light weight. But I have not seen a huge difference in my skin and it does not provide SPF protection. I don't know if I love the L'Oreal Magic BB Cream because the only magic I see is it doesn't leave my face oily. I probably I will not purchase this product and over all I give it a 5 out of 10. Honestly If it made my face oily that score would be much lower.

I received this product complimentary for testing purposes from SheSpeaks but the opinion in this post is my own.

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