Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Have you ever used an eyelash comb?

I saw this on a TikTok (man you know TikTok made me buy has struck again) But any they seemed interesting.  

I initially wanted it only for the mascara applicator guide but when I got it in a slowly started to fall in love with the eyelash comb curlers.  The mascara guide is awkward to me and I can't get it to work right for me. If I am being honest, I am not sure I tried very hard.  I did try it right side up, upside down. But I will try harder and come back to let you know. 
But the lash comb is something I use every time I wear mascara. It helps to separate lashes more. It's easy to use, full disclosure, have poked myself in the eye a few times. Nothing dramatic or that resulted in injury.  i run the comb through my lashes with or without mascara.  It stops my lashes from sticking.

Overall, I would recommend the lash comb. If you will use the mascara guides or the tweezers, it's worth investing in the set. 

About this item: 
Various makeup tools: you will get 7 pieces various eyelash makeup tools, including 1 piece eyelash extension tweezers, 4 pieces Macara applicator guide tools and 2 pieces eyelash comb curlers in total, whether you are a beginner or skillful people, this set will meet your needs. 

Eyelash separator: designed with curved comb which nicely fits your eyes and evenly slides across the eyelashes every time, the space between the comb teeth is suitable for various volumes of eyelashes; Please keep a safe distance between the comb and your eyes when combing the eyelashes. 

Mascara applicator guide tool: when applying mascara, you can place this mascara applicator guide tool under your eyes, which can effectively prevent smudging or falling, and then brush your eyelashes with an eyelash comb to clean, suitable for your daily makeup and other supplies, useful tool for people who are beginners. 

Eyelash extension tweezers: after you apply eyelash glue, you can use this eyelash extension tweezers instead of your fingers to clamp and wear the beautiful false eyelashes, it can easily remove or repair your false eyelashes without hurting your own eyelashes. 

Functional tools: these eyelash makeup tools could bring much convenience to your eyelash makeup process, you could use them to apply or lower the eyelashes, mascara will not stain the skin around the eye with this tool, the eyelash comb will enhance the natural effect, and the tweezers will help you complete wearing your false eyelashes, using these functional tools to make your makeup effect to be natural and charming.
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  1. Absolutely to better separate lashes after applying mascara. ALSO, be sure to comb or brush your brows. And if they're unruly to apply a product to make them stay in place better. Of course, as a senior lady with ultra sensitive eyes, I've virtually given up on mascara and gone with the bare eye look just giving the brows a boost.