Wednesday, December 27, 2023

I tried Great Value Candy, have you?

If you know anything about me, you should know I am cheap. If there is a way I can have a love or need in a cheaper version. I WILL.   One other thing is I LOVE chocolate. I am ridiculously out of control around chocolate if I will be honest. 

So that brings me to my question ~~ Have yall seen the new Great Value Candy?  There are a few verities but I choose these two. If you are a candy fan, you can see they are an imitation of KitKat and Twix. Both of which I love. 

The Crispy Wafer Bar -- or wanna be KitKat -- I am unsure why but the chocolate being poured so messy is a huge deal to me. I mean it's just so off putting when I saw it.  Sorry, that may sound crazy. 

First bite crunch is almost identical. But i the end of the similarities for me. The chocolate is way off and sweet but not in a fun way.  One bite and I was done. Sorry will continue to buy KitKats.  

Now for the Cookie and Caramel bar: 

Same chocolate so immediately it was yuck to me and the caramel is completely lacking. But from taste and look of the caramel that may have been a favor. The color is closer to a molasses rather than caramel and with a blah, very lacking taste. And it manages to be very bitter.  So again, I will stick to a Twix.  

I let my husband and teens try these as well. One out of five actually liked them. My husband, daughter, and son all had pretty much the same opinion as I did. My thirteen-year-old said they "taste really good"  But to be fair she loves chocolate a LOT.  

So, one of six actually liked the taste.  Have you tried any of the other candy bars Great Value made? 

Are you following me? 





as always, thank you for being a fan I could not do it without you!! 

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