Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Check out these ADORABLE Real Littles!

Check out these ADORABLE Real Littles.  My children are huge fan of the Real Littles and my  
My daughters (even my teens ) was so excited when she saw that I got these to review. They are super small. Which adds to the charm and collectability. 

The "backpack" doesn't very much inside. But that didn't stop my daughter from loving them. She tossed the included pencil inside and zipped it up. She was kind enough to share with her sister, so that is why she only has two on her schoolbag. They come with four surprises.  Mysteries are always a hit at my house. How about yours? 

The diaries are my personal favorite. The bunny has a small lip gloss tucked in the pocket. The pages can be used and there is a lock with two keys.  The material on the bunny is super soft, the popsicle is hard back.  

These would make adorable Christmas gifts. I really must admit I think they are adorable too!

Now you can keep all your secrets safe inside the Real Littles journals
Each adorable designer journal comes with a lock and key plus they all have a special Bookmark that unlocks a secret compartment on the journal!  Open up your Real Littles Journal to discover 4 micro surprises hiding inside! Wow! 

These surprises are so tiny and really work! Each Journal has different surprises that match the journal's theme! There are beauty surprises inside the Beauty Secrets Journal, Fashion Accessory surprises in the Fashion Secrets Journal. 

There is plenty of room to write your own special secrets with 50 printed pages inside! There are 6 different Real littles Journals to collect. We have all your secrets covered with the cutest covered Journals you will ever see! Choose from Beauty Secrets, Bestie Secrets, Dream Secrets, Princess Secrets, Fashion Secrets and Delish Secrets! Collect them all!

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