Monday, July 24, 2023

Is Truly Shave Butter and Razor worth the price ?

I have shared a few Truly Beauty Products with yall and I can say I have never been disappointed.  So here are two more that I tried out!! 

Life Shaver Starter Razor: We’ve got a soft spot for this smooth-inducing starter razor. (Get it?). A razor made with the perfect shave in mind - kind of like that feeling of a fresh shave on silky sheets, every time. 
WHY IT'S SPECIAL Double blades and a pink, flex-grip handle for adaptability and an ultra-close shave.

So y'all at first I was like $20.00 for a razor and one replace, that is crazy. But I will be honest the first use I did fall in love. The handle is so soft and comfortable to hold. My one complaint is I I couldn't get a really good grip on it. 

The razor head itself is really sturdy. There is no moisturizer strip to fall off or get wet and nasty. The blades are sharp and even being slippery I never cut myself. I am a HUGE cheapie but I say if you can afford to splurge on this razor do, it is worth the purchase. There is something a little more luxurious about this razor. 

Soft Serve Whipped Shave Butter: Shave Butter + Gold Ice Cream Scoop 15 Reviews Hydrating Soothing Smoothing Just in time for summer, our brand new Soft Serve Whipped Shave Butter has arrived! This peptide-powered swirl softens hair, cushions skin against razor burn, and enhances your razor glide for a velvety smooth, ingrown-free finish. Plus, it smells like strawberry sundae!
 I am BIG cheapo her and I mean big. 

I was convinced this is not any more necessary than shaving cream /foam. But I was wrong. Application no different, lather/spreading capabilities are less than shaving cream/foam (but you still don't use a ton of product). The difference is after shaving. My legs were not dry or stiff feeling. I didn't need lotion and my legs felt AMAZINGLY soft. They also had that shine to them. And the scent is HEAVENLY.  I say if you can spoil yourself with this!

I hate to break my swirl is it satisfying or oddly disturbing to you when you have to "ruin" or use something so pretty?

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