Monday, July 17, 2023

New Product from Foreo !

From Foreo: 

Meet the new UFO™ collection from Foreo and prep your users for achieving a younger-looking, radiant complexion all day, week, and year! 

Deep hydration UFOTM treatments provide your skin with immediate and long lasting hydration. 

They are also clinically proven to increase skin moisture levels by 126% in just 2 mins, retaining the effect for up to 6 hours. Based on third-party clinical trials Radiant & rejuvenated Looking youthfully fresh has never been easier. 

T-SonicTM massage increases microcirculation, delivering essential oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, while eliminating toxins - leaving skin with a healthy glow.

 Users report visible results after the very first use. Based on third-party consumer testing Silky soft & nourished With Hyper-Infusion Technology, a combo of heat and massage,

 UFOTM 2 pushes active ingredients from your mask deep into skin - where they work best. 78% of users report softer skin, and say skin looks more supple and is perfectly primed for makeup. Based on third-party consumer trials Depuffs & Firms Say goodbye to fine lines and puffiness, thanks to cooling Cryo-therapy. Users report firmer-looking skin, with less visible pores. 

They also say skin feels supple and more elastic after use. Based on third-party consumer trials Refines & Heals With full-spectrum LED light, UFOTM 2 revitalizes and refines the complexion. It is clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of wrinkles in just 7 days. Users also report that their skin's appearance is improved overall, with a more even skin tone.

 Based on third-party clinical and consumer trials Pre-Programmed Treatments Each UFOTM activated mask and FOREO sheet mask has its own treatment routine in the FOREO app, which you can sync to your UFOTM device and use in offline mode. These combine the very best of UFOTM technologies, so you get the most out of your facial. You can also use your own masks and create customized routines.

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