Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Have you heard about Cupkin Sticker Activity books?


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Have you heard about Cupkin Sticker Activity books? 

My babies (they are not babies at all) love to color and of course they love sticker who doesn't?  I had to make to fight my 15 year old because was trying to this book.  So I was happy to collaborate with  Cupkin. You may know Cupkin for their tumblers but they also have sticker activity books as well. 

From Cupkin: 

Cupkin is not just another copycat brand  Everything we make is original, designed by hand and covered for life. As parents, we found it frustrating how other sticker books on the market were made so that the scenes were in the front and the sticker sheets were all the way in the back of the book. So we decided to do something. It took us more than 17 samples to get our sticker book to where it is today. We figured out how to use a spiral binding so your kiddos can spend less time flipping and more time stickering. Plus, the spiral binding allows the books to lay flat on the table or in your kid's lap.

You can grab A Space Sticker Activity Book on Amazon  and they have a cute variety of other Activity books here

My son, 6 and daughter 7 loved this. They enjoyed coloring and the sticker activities. I didn't think it could be a two person activity but they made it work. Needless to say I was happy, 

Since October 2020, Cupkin has averaged 1 new sticker book every other month. Moving forward, their plan is to launch 1 new sticker book every single month. 
This is a super cute idea to start a sticker collection. My kids have not put the book down since they were able to open it. And I am happy to report I didn't get much lip from my 15 year old when she couldn't play with them.  

Thank you for reading!  Did you browse the selection? Which book would you choose? 

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