Monday, December 12, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in a movie?

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in a movie ??

Well I have, in fact most of my life it fascinated me. Then when I could really find out online what was going on behind the scenes it was amazing! BUT being there is even more exciting. 

Yes, If you have ever wanted to be in a movie it may be easier than you think. I can't say you will be a star but you will get a taste of what it's like. 

Just join and go from there. It is free to join. I have never paid a fee but there is an option on the site to pay for more features. 

I was lucky enough to work on two different projects and they were both quite different.  For obvious reasons I can't disclose the name of the project. But look for me lol. Nor can I disclose specifics which is understandable as well. 

The first one was filming at our governor's mansions (which is not a place you get to visit often if ever) the other was in a common place that most people will visit at least once in their lives. 

With that being said the entire set up was aww inspiring to be. I just couldn't get over the lights, mirrors, reflectors, cameras, people everywhere, even smoke!  You know how they say "it's all smoke and mirrors ?? " Well it LITTERLY is. 

One was really chaotic the other not so much. They were both extremely RUSHED. 

 We worked well over twelve hours, majority of the time on our feet Moving ever slightly or walking  12 miles. 

Early call times 5:30 am and 6:30 am which was grueling once 12:00 pm came around with nothing to eat but breakfast. 

Speaking of eating, they feed you. They make sure you have lunch, breakfast, water, snacks. Nothing overly outstanding but on one set they had a very nicely stocked food cart and we breaked very often. The other had a table with a huge variety of snacks, coffee, water, and soft drinks but we didn't get breaks often.  I have heard some sets served lobster and steaks. So that's something I am looking forward to. . IF i ever get the chance

 The crew is extremely friendly for the most part. But as expected it is very look oriented and I have felt less than adequate with a few of the staff.  The actors you don't get to interact with very much.  They don't want you fan girling on the set.  Most of the time it's "quiet on the set " anyway. 

Mentioning crew there are a LOT of people that go into making a shoot work.  You know that incredibly LONG list of credits at the end. Multiply that by 1000, nah really but there so many workers mixed in long with the extra/background it was crazy.  There are also others that put a ton of time into wardrobe. 

Oh and wardrobe, that almost NEVER fits properly. I worked on only two shoots but that is what I heard/saw the most. Plus if you bring your own clothes that prevents a long line at the end of the day to return your borrowed wardrobe. So it's not uncommon to see suitcases, wardrobe bags, handfuls of clothing/makeup and so much more. The first take I wore a size too big and no socks all day, I had blisters.  I can't wait to do a shoot where I get to dress up! I got called for a project that was older time period but I couldn't make it.  And i recommend bringing your own make up to reapply!  

But I can say both were an experience I wouldn't trade.  I keep applying and hope to work on more projects soon.  OH and you get paid.. duh sign me up right?? 

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