Sunday, November 6, 2022

Holiday Giftguide KIDS -- 2022

Christmas is coming fast!  Here are a few suggestions for everyone on your list!  This post has afflilaite links and a small commission is made if you purchase using my links! So, THANK YOU all for your support. It is greatly appreciated!! 

          For Kids 

Under $20.00 

another oldie but goodie in my house. . All the kids can play and my husband loves it as well.  grab it here

                                    for under $10 Connect 4 keeps EVERYONE In my family occupied. So, i think it would make a great gift for all ages. you can grab it here

    my son would LOVE this! he is obsessed with sharks (like his dad) these are under $20 and make great stocking stuffers!  they are here

you can grab her here

Great deal right now on her! check it out here

she is adorable and at a super good price!! grab her here 


This adorable Sloth is 12 " 

This absolutely precious Artic Fox

This Armadillo just TOO adorable not to share

A little more than $20 



                                     This is adorable and for under $30 get it here



This sweet new born baby. 

my daughter loves this. my husband is uneasy with playDoh but this Ice Cream cart is too cute!  

my daughter is begging for this Kitchen set, it is so cute 

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