Tuesday, March 22, 2022

I tested period panties !

 Hi there ! Let's talk curious about Period panties? I tested them so you didn't have to. Let me start by saying I always hated pads so tampons were my choice. But working from home and always being home I didn't started wearing pads more. When we started getting some type of normalcy back, I couldn't stand using tampons but I certainly didn't want to wear pads. 

So I went on a hunt to see which options would work for me.  I thought of a menstrual cup but I was a little nervous about inserting. 

I grabbed a pair from Victoria's Secret since they are my go to bra brand and I trusted them. The price point came down since I purchased them but they do run under $20.00 . 

They have three separate flow choices:

  • 🩸 light which holds up to 1/2 a regular tampon 
  • 🩸🩸 Moderate which holds 2 regular tampons 
  • 🩸🩸🩸Heavy which holds 3 regular tampons 
I will say that is a good bit less than the competitors undies  Don't worry, I will share the details on them a little later! 
These come in super cute colors and designs now. When I purchased them they didn't have such a large selection. 

They are comfortable but the lining is an odd material and sorta feels like a diaper.  Which from experience is not always the case.  

The material of the actual undies is odd as well. It's a mix between underwear and a bathing suite. 
I did not experience any leaking or staining. I never bleed through nor did I experience odor.  

I hand wash mine or toss them in the washing machine in a garment bag.  you can watch a video here

I am okay with these for lighter days but never really trusted them for heavy flow, so I only dabbled with this brand.  I will say that I chose them over pads or tampons any day. It's strange at first but it i so much more comfortable.  I think that now the prices points are getting lower with some as well so they are more getting affordable.  I think these are great for younger children just starting. 

you can check them out here.  Have you tried period panties yet? 
What are your thoughts ? 


  1. I never did try period panties but was always interested in how they work. It's pointless now, since I had a hysterectomy a year ago. Thanks for your review on the panties.