Friday, April 1, 2022

Getting to know Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro

The Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro utilizes 3 different delivery systems in one device to push your skin care products through the skin's barrier layer to maximize their performance for better and faster anti-aging results. 107 seems like a hot temperature but it's not. It's just enough. 
  I love this Sonic Eraser and the way it feels on my face. Some days when my allergies are acting up I like warm and cold. This is great when I need warmth. It's super comfortable to use and hold.  The body is smooth and sleek.  It's a gentle massage along with a wonderful warm feeling. 

It feels like it takes less product when I use this as well. The product goes a long way and absorbs VERY quickly.  I LOVE to use it around my eyes and it noticeably helps shrink my bags. 

I love that the Sonic Eraser Pro is rechargeable and cord free.

Benefits Triplex: 
  • Infusion Technology - The combination of sonic, ionic and thermal infusion all work together to transport the beneficial ingredients in your skincare products to the deeper layers of the skin so that they work better and faster. 
  • Sonic Delivery - Sonic energy at a frequency of 36,000 sonic movements per minute drives the beneficial ingredients through the skin's barrier layer for deeper and more even product absorption. 
  • Thermal Delivery - Sonic Eraser Pro's Treatment Head warms to 107F to temporarily dilate the pores so that they take in more product to maximize product performance.
  •  Ionic Delivery - Negative electrons flow from the Treatment Head on a circuit. Your positively charged skin care products are attracted with a magnetic pull and are carried deeper into the skin.

Clinical Results In independent clinical tests comparing serum application with Sonic Eraser PRO vs finger tips alone, after 14 days of daily use the following results were documented: 
  • Skin moisture levels increased 61% 
  • Skin brightness (tone) increased 394%
  •  Skin elasticity increased 352%
  •  Signs of premature skin aging decreased 500% 

** this post contains affiliate links.. PR sample provided but all opinions are my own as always. **

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