Monday, August 19, 2019

I'm a Lively Ambassador!!

I am so excited that I was accepted to work with Lively. Finally an underwear company that uses REAL people instead pencil thin models. Nothing wrong with being pencil thin but not all of us are built that way.

Undies range in sizes from 0 - 24 and NO more guess because your size is based on your pant size. For the longest time I was buy XL undies when I really needed a M, go figure.

XS      S           M          L          XL          XXL        XXXL

0-2     4-6       8-10     12-14     14-16        18-20         22-24

Also bralettes range from 30 A - 40 DD so there is a huge variety of sizes. I hate when I go to Victoria Secret and they only have tiny bras in stock. So many times the color I liked was gone or not offered in store.

Oh and Lively is SOOO much more affordable than Victoria Secret. I have always hated paying $65.00 for a bra but hey what could I do about it. Most of the other places that have bras in my size don't fit properly or they are not cute.  These are adorable.

There is also a cute assortment of PJs and swimsuits too. I love finding alternatives to Victoria Secret because I have no choice but to wear a bra, I just don't love to refinance my house to get a few matching sets.

So check them out here.

 Use Code;  AMB-alwaysblabbing For $10.00 off your first order. Check out the bundle offers TOO!! 


  1. i havent tried this product yet but i would love to try them

  2. I shop anywhere but I do love Macy's

  3. I live to shop and love shopping everywhere and anywhere! 🙂