Thursday, July 11, 2019

I am FINE ... no really I am fine

I am sad
I am anxious
I am tired
I am defeated
I am antisocial
I am overwhelmed
i am overthinking everything I say
i am overthinking everything YOU say
I am an aggravation
I am weak
I am embarrassed to feel this way
I am Battling Depression
I am smiling
I am joking
I am fine
I am great

I am embarrassed to feel this way
I am not good enough
I am not pretty enough
I am not skinny enough
I am not successful enough
I am not smart enough
I am not going to bother you with my problems
I am not myself
BUT ... 
I am NOT lazy
I am not crazy

Please don't tell me it could be worse
Please don't tell me to get over it
Please don't tell me everything will be okay
Please don't tell me no body is better than me
Please don't tell me it's all in my head
Please don't get mad if i don't want to attend your wedding, shower, birthday party etc
Please don't make me feel guilty for not wanting to attend these functions either
Please don't try to "fix" me..
Please don't read the side effects of my meds to me and tell me "you need to get off of all that"

Please do be patient with me
Please do understand this is real
Please do keep inviting me to your special events
Please do let me have my emotions whether I am crying or screaming sometimes it just makes me feel better

Depression is real

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