Monday, September 17, 2018

Ditch your traditional mop

Say Goodbye to Pushing dirt around. This mops washes/wrings in the Wash Tub and squeezes dry in the Dry Tub. The unique design prevents you from using a dirty wet mop repeatedly. Because the water cannot get outside the bucket there will be no more puddles and dirty water spots on your

 Every unit includes three microfiber mob heads. Two are  highly absorbent microfiber mop heads and the other is a scrubbing nylon-bristle microfiber. With different heads, you can either lifts dirt and maximizes water retention, or eliminate trapped dirt and grime from your floors. All three mop heads are machine washable.

This self-wash & dry mop and bucket kit will leave your home sparkling clean! With hands-free squeezing, you can use a clean wet mop at all times with greatly improved results.

It's super easy to use and compact for easy storage.  I slide the mop directly in the bucket when not in use.  The handle is padded at the top and comfortable to hold. The mop and bucket are both durable lightweight material.

Want to grab your own ? shop here  use code: dealtopmop for a  special savings just for my readers.

alwaysblabbing received a sample of this product in exchange for this post, no other  compensation was received. 

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