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Tips To Getting The Perfect Car

Tips To Getting The Perfect Car

I remember when shopping for a car was a long grueling process that took days if not weeks. It was also a hit or miss if you were getting a good price and reliable vehicle.  We didn't have the resources we have now. We relied on common sense and eyeing up the engine. Some people would take the used vehicle to a mechanic and have it looked over.  Although the smartest thing,  I personally never had a few hundred bucks to hire a mechanic and have the vehicle inspected. But as a college student I needed a vehicle so I took a chance buying one from a "friend of the family" Thinking he would never sell me a lemon, right? Boy was I wrong I should have invested the couple hundred with a mechanic originally it would saved me a ton of money, time, and heart ache.

We now have a ton of resources at our disposal but how exactly can it help to do online research before buying??  There are a lot of speculation and a lot of commercials but what DO you look for when buying a car??

I have some simple tips you need to take to help find the right car for YOU.

The most important tip of finding a car doing the right research. You can’t make the right purchase without knowing the facts about the make, model and price of your car. is a great resource to learning about your potential purchase. Their website has a huge selection of information that will provide you with everything you need to make an informed purchase. Did you know they have a Videos & Reviews feature? Don't feel bad most people were not aware of that feature!

Using that feature you have access to extensive reviews and essential information about a wide variety of different cars.  The information is upfront and honest.  It's not sugar coat and they never hide the bad reviews of cars.  If they know something is poorly rated or, hasn’t performed well, and they don't consider it a good purchase, they will let you know!  Because of this, why would  you begin your car research anywhere else??

We all know doing your homework is extremely important while car shopping.  Think back when you were a first-time buyer or maybe you are about to purchase your first vehicle!  Maybe you're like me and like options so you are considering a lot of different cars. Doing the PROPER research will help you the best car at the best price.

Another important tip is to not stick with one dealer. Never be afraid to walk out and go somewhere else. There are basically dealers on every corner. Do not get suckered into making a purchase you are not comfortable with.  I remember when I was shopping for  bigger vehicle I told the saleman what monthly note I wanted. I knew hat is what I was comfortable with. He kept going see "the special man" coming back with a price way more than I wanted. I finally walked out when he came back with a note $3.00 less than the one before.  My husband's eyes got HUGE but I do not like people insulting my intelligence and $3.00 a month will make no difference at all.  I went to another dealership, got the note I wanted and a better package on the same make vehicle. I drove away with heated seats and a five disk changer for the same note as the basic model.  I'd probably still be negotiating and frustrated at the other dealer or without the vehicle I wanted

When shopping for a preowned  the mileage is very important. It only makes sense that the mileage has a huge impact on the wear and tear of the car, along with the price. Understanding what a car is worth based on the miles will result in you getting a car at the right price. Plus it will show the dealer or seller you know what you are talking about.

Like I mentioned above, it is important to show the person selling the car that you are educated. Which explains why doing your research is so valuable. We know buying a car can be tricky and sellers cars can easily take advantage of you if you have not done your research. Being educated on the vehicle will help give you the power to negotiate a fair price.

The last tip is really a no brainer find the car that is right for YOU. With so many makes and models, and  thousands of different features you could very easily be distracted and make a rash decision.  So take your time, do the research, look at different vehicles. You will  find what is perfect for you.  If you rush you may end up overpaying and under-satisfied.

It doesn't matter if you are looking for a brand new sports car or a used compact car, taking your time on the purchase will pay off.   Taking your time and doing your research will result in you being satisfied with your purchase. You can be confident you made the right decision and did not overpay.

I hope these simple tips will help you save big and find the right car for you. Happy Shopping!!

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