Saturday, January 21, 2017

Join me on my transformation

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Every year I "attempt" to lose weight. It's something that I really want to do but never have the will power or tools to stick to it. This year I discovered something that is a game changer for me! I started drinking Shakeology  two weeks ago and the difference is amazing.

Before Shakeology I stayed hungry. I always felt like I was starving and looking for a snack. But drinking a shake in the morning keeps me full. Really full until way after lunch time. I was surprised the first day but everyday after it was the same thing.

But not only did I feel full, I felt energized and ready to face the day. Not the jittery shaking energized but just not sluggish and lazy like I've felt before.

I've also added some of my favorite workouts like

No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.
 You'll get the results of an extreme program without weights or jumps. You won't have
to do the kinds of high-impact moves that can cause joint strain.
Ideal for any age, body type, or fitness level.
Everyone—no matter what their fitness level—will lean out and tone up with PiYo.
Beginners can follow the modifications demonstrated, and even super-fit athletes
can use it to improve core strength and flexibility through the targeted Pilates- and yoga-inspired moves

Body Beast:

12 cutting-edge workouts that fuse the best of old-school resistance training with a new breakthrough in sports science
called Dynamic Set Training®.  Designed to help you shed fat, pack on lean muscle, build strength, and get incredible definition in just 90  days

Core De Force :

 Mixing moves from Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai with bodyweight training and cardio
You get the most effective MMA-inspired workouts to help you
shred belly fat and transform your body in just 30 days.
 The workouts are broken into 3-minute "rounds." Just hit it hard for 3 minutes at a time and before
you know it—you're done!

to help speed up the weight loss.

I will be updating regularly so stay tuned.
Want to try Shakeology for yourself?   Check it out here.
There are tons of recipes that come with your shipment plus Pinterest has a ton.
These are nothing like store bought shakes, I've tried them all! These taste great, with a little tweeking.

My favorite way to make my shakes is:

One packet chocolate Shakeolgy
1 scoop peanut Butter
1/2 cup milk ( I use 2%)
and a bottle of water


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  2. Thanks for this post! I was wondering about the shakes and how they worked!

  3. The chocolate and peanut butter shake really sounds great!

  4. Thanks for the review on Shakeology. I was wondering what it was all about and how it worked. Looking for to your updates :)