Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Spooky Subscription Boxes?

Halloween Subscription boxes?? Check these out! 
Shop the collection!
HandCrate - from $13 / month
HandCrate– from $13.00 / month
Party decorations, cards, and easy D.I.Y. projects. There's always something to celebrate!
Sunday Mood from $44.00 /month
Sunday Mood – from $44.00 / month
Discover unique indie brands, natural beauty products, handmade jewelry, teas & more monthly.
Shaker & Spoon – $15 / month
Shaker & Spoon– from $50.00 / month
A cocktail subscription box delivering original recipes and everything you need to make them!
Hallow-Fiend – from $25.00  /month
Hallow-Fiend – from $25.00 / month
The ultimate Halloween box! Themed t-shirt, tricks, treats, and more each month!
And the story begins – from $9.99 /month
And the Story Begins – from $9.99 / month
Two new books every month from the genre of your choice.

Grab any of these boxes here.  Tell me which one is your favorite? 

** this post contains affiliate links ** 

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