Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Halloween Special from Bella and Bear



Bella and Bear is having a Halloween special and Pluckers Tweezer Set at half price! Just use code WEENCATS at the Amazon checkout to get your 50% discount.

If you haven't already got a set then now is the time to pick them up! We have had so much good feedback about the pluckers and I myself never go anywhere without them.

Here are some of the surprising things I use my tweezers for

Cleaning: Removing dust and debris from keyboards/hair dryers/drains

Beauty: Applying false eyelashes, untangling necklaces

General: Unscrewing small screws/holding nails whilst hammering, removing coin batteries

Kitchen: Removing seeds from fruits, decorating cakes.

First Aid: Removing splinters/thorns and stings from humans and pets

Here's the code again: WEENCATS
You can use it here

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  1. They have a lot of other cute sets too. I like the brush and comb.