Saturday, October 8, 2016

Get Ripped, slim, toned whatever you want in thirty days -- FREE

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You’ve seen them on TV – now’s your chance to stream select workouts from the newest Beachbody blockbuster programs for FREE! As an all-access Beachbody On Demand member, you actually get to try a FULL workout from Beachbody’s latest cutting-edge programs.

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Body Beast is one of the few programs that has helped me actually loose weight. I know weightlifting gets a rep for being a "man's" thing but it's amazing to tone a woman's body too.  I love the workouts I feel energized and pumped without lifting HEAVY weights. I use 3 - 5 pounds for some workouts, 5 - 10 for others. Depending on the muscle group I'm targeting. 

For FREE you not only get to try Body Beast but 21Day Fix (which I've heard amazing things about), Piyo - which I think I would like, and Insanity -- which looks cool but I would never do, but maybe if you are younger and have no aches it would be good for you.

You have nothing to loose but inches! What are you waiting for ? try it free, cancel if you don't like it. Love it pay the low monthly premium 

Sign up here.  Come back and let me know your results! I'm sure you will want to share them with the world. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi, I have the Body Beast box set so I didn't try the on demand just yet. I LOVE Body Beast I have seen amazing results. Lots of definition in my arms and stomach. Once I'm done with the full Body Beast regimen I think I will join BeachBody on demand to have a variety of workouts.