Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Discover The best Wedding date ever and win an Evian Prize pack

In the deep south summer is almost all year long. We rarely have "cold" weather but for some reason Summer weddings are very popular. I have stood in my fair share of them and it's no fun to sweat profusely while in a bride's maid dress.

You pay money for a makeover, updo, and bam it's dripping off in an hour. Especially if it's an outside wedding.  What if I told you there is a simple, easy way to keep cool without messing up your hair or makeup? Sounds awesome doesn't it??

Evain comes in a small lightweight spray can that is easy to carry but has LOTS of benefits. Like  reviving color and hair throughout the wedding. Everyone can feel confident to spray over cosmetics.  If hair needs a boost, spray and restyle, with or without heat. I like to spray a little on the back of my neck and I feel cool and refreshed.

Evain would be a great addition to any sign in table for an outdoors wedding. Keep your guest cool and comfortable and keep it all about YOU. After all this is YOUR special day!! All eyes will be on you, maybe Evain will get a few looks too but it's worth sharing the spotlight!

Then when you're off to your honeymoon stash a 1.7 oz bottle of Evain in your luggage to keep you and the hubby cool when your basking in the sun.

I have a bottle of Evain in my purse, gym bag, and in my office so I never go any where without it. I love it for so many reasons. But the main one being I hate to sweat. After I spend an hour on makeup, I want it to stay on my face. There is a time and place for sweating, like the gym!

Grab a bottle of Evain here.

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Good luck!!

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