Saturday, September 10, 2016

Enter for a chance to win one of two Amazon Gift Cards, $25 or $10 and/or two books.

2 Amazon Gift Cards and 2 Great Books Giveaway ends 10-3

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About the prize

"The Lives We Lead" was written by Alexandra Egi. She was 17 at the time she wrote this book and you certainly cannot tell it by the writing. This well-written book about eleventh graders who are attending an exclusive private school. You would think they had it made but this book takes you through the problems these girls experience in their friendships and in their lives. You can read more about it in my review. All three winners will receive an e-book copy of "The Lives We Lead" by Alexandra Egi.
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"Control Your Clutter" was written to help people get a handle on their clutter whether they have a small problem or are an all out hoarder. Because the author doesn't tell you to get rid of everything the whole process becomes more manageable. So if you are tired of hiding behind the curtain when the bell rings instead of answering the door, this book can help. Once you get your house in order it just seems like the rest of your life follows suit. Read more about "Control Your Clutter! here. All three winners will receive their choice of e-book or paperback of "Control Your Clutter". Buy it here now!
And of course there is the $25 Amazon Gift Card going to the first winner and the $10 Amazon Gift Card going to the second winner which I am sure you can use to find something you want or need. Perhaps you want to buy more books to go on your Kindle or to add to your library. You can use it for whatever you wish.

Sponsors: Alexandra Egi and BooksbyTSmith

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Giveaway details and rules:

Giveaway dates: September 10, 1 am CST - October 3, 2016 11:59 pm CST

Open to entrants in the Continental United States, 18+.

One set of entries per person.

Prize: All three winners will receive the e-book "The Lives We Lead" by Alexandra Egi ($6.99 RV each) and their choice of e-book ($2.99 RV each) or paperback ($7.99 RV each) of "Control Your Clutter!" by Theresa Smith. The first winner randomly drawn will also win a $25 Amazon Gift Card. The second winner randomly drawn will receive a $10 Amazon Gift Card. Total value between $64.94 - $79.94 depending on book format choice.

Please read the rules before entering. Find the rules here. Disclaimers are below the form.
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