Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Asmork Oil Painting

I am building a new house so i'm on the look out for new decorations. I love painting or pictures because there is always a bare wall that needs some pick me up! So when I was able to review this oil painting from Asmork. The painting is actually three separate canvases that come together to make a complete picture. It does take all three to make sense.

The size is perfect and just enough to dress up a wall in any room. As you can see the painting is majority blues and reds with a decent amount of yellows mixed in. None of the colors overpower the painting they blend together to make a scene. The brush strokes are visible if you look very closely. Since these are all hand painted none of the canvases will be exactly the same. Which offers a uniqueness to them.

The canvas is a very nice material and not nothing flimsy in any way. They come ready to hang right out of the box. You bring a hammer, nails, and a level. The canvases are not framed but still very look very classy. The paintings are very lightweight so they are easy to hang and will not stress the wall due to excess weight.

They were very protected and packed to prevent damage during shipping.  Although not my favorite,  I do think these are pretty and I will find a wall in my new house for it.

Grab one here

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own.


  1. I find home decorating to be somewhat intimidating. This 3 piece set looks not only beautiful, but I would think if you wanted to, you could also hang the 3 pieces separately, perhaps even in different rooms.

  2. I usually decorate with pictures of my family, but these are beautiful! I think they would look great in a bathroom!

  3. these are very pretty. We just moved into our new home and this I think I would like. Thank you for sharing.

  4. This set is just gorgeous and I can think of so many places that it would go well in our home. I have begun redecorating several of the rooms in our home and will definitely be looking here when the walls are ready.

  5. nice quadro paintings, I have koi fish paintings similar to these paintings it is madeup of 3 paintings