Monday, June 13, 2016

Body Balm -- Anti-Chafing Balm

I don't have a thigh gap. I never have, probably never will. I in fact have the opposite of a thigh gab, I have an overabundance of thighs.  So needless to say my thighs rub. I am convinced one day I will be on the treadmill and my shirts will burst into flames from the vigorous friction from them rubbing together.

It's always better to prevent fires than try to extinguish them so when I saw there was a product to help prevent thigh fires I couldn't' wait to use it.  So I shopped around a little and decided to try Body Glide. i was a little skeptical that it would work but it wasn't expensive so I figured I had nothing to lose.

The tube looks exactly like a tube of deodorant and it's super easy to use. As the name suggest it glides on so it goes on easy and smoothly. It's not sticky, oily, greasy, gooey, or any other icky things like that. I know it's white but no worries, it goes on clear and dries clear. Plus there's no residue or flaking. Little white flakes falling out my shorts would be quite embarrassing.

I'm not sure how but it really works. It keeps me from feeling the friction of my shorts rubbing and in turn stops the irritation. It worked so well I recommend my husband to try some while he is working.

I purchased mine from Amazon but you can get Body Glide at Academy as well.  I would recommend trying this if you are looking for something to stop chafing.

Thanks for reading! Any comments let me know. I love hearing what you think. 

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