Thursday, June 23, 2016

Best School year EVER!

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Set your teacher up for the most amazing school year EVER!

It is summer and, for most of us, school is the furthest thing from your mind.  But I bet there are some parents who are ready for school to begin again.  I would also I bet, somewhere out there, our teachers are working relentlessly to plan an amazing year ahead for our children. I know a lot of my friends start planning as early as possible.

If you would like to make this the best school year EVER, consider gifting your teacher a World Edition Classroom Subscription. The timing is perfect for teachers to include it in their upcoming curriculum!

Each Little Passports' World Edition Classroom Subscription includes:

  • 6 Month World Edition Subscription
  • 30 individual passports
  • 30 individual sticker sets
  • Access to 6 digital Teacher Guides with bonus content for a classroom environment

With the World Edition Classroom Subscription, it is easy for teachers to reinforce geography, reading and problem-solving skills! Take a closer look at Little Passports' subscription materials and peek inside their Teacher Guides!

Read the Little Passports' blog, Introducing the World Edition Classroom Subscription or

Click here to learn more about the World Edition Classroom Subscription.

Gift one to your favorite teacher for an amazing year ahead!  

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