Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spray away the gray away

I was devastated when I saw my first gray. Since then I've done everything possible to keep the world from seeing them. But I have have so much going on, it's really hard to take time for myself so that means my roots suffer.  Luckily for me temporary root concealers have been created. Now I don't have to go out with my grays peaking out anymore.

I've shared some other Gray covering products before but EverPro Gray Away  blew me away. This was by far the easiest fast way I have ever tried as far as gray coverage. It's super easy like spraying hair spray. Only without the smell, no really there is no smell.l The color goes on very smooth but if you accidentally spray too much (like I did) grab a comb and pull it through the rest of your hair.

The color doesn't run but when I touched it I had brown all over my hands. My hair wasn't weighed down or sticky after used. It didn't' feel like straw, it actually felt normal. With bounce and volume but I slightly felt the concealer when I touched my hair.  But not many people run their hands through my roots anyway!

The spray come in  3 different colors (Black/Dark Brown, Light Brown, and Lightest Brown/Medium Blonde) but they cover 9 shade levels.

It doesn't  take much to go along way so for only $9.99 I will always have a can in my beauty arsenal. Guess what!!! Now through May 31 my lovely readers get  20% Off EverPro GrayAway Just use Code: NOGRAY20 at checkout.

i received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own. 

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