Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Qianse White Gold Plated Heart Shape Bracelet Made with Swarovski Elements Crystal

I go through phases where I change the stones I like. Now this blue is my new favorite color stone. I love the ocean every time I am reminded of looking deep into an ocean. The blue is stunning and the shine is spectacular. This piece could easily worn by a bridesmaid or even a bride, since every bride needs something blue.

But it's still great for everyday wear as well. The hearts are each a perfect shape they appear to vary in size from biggest int the middle to smallest at the end. I love that it's a bangle but it's ruined with a chain that needs to be fastened. The good part about the chain is the clasp is a lobster claw so it's not quiet as difficult to fasten by myself. I also feel more secure with a lobster claw because are not as easily opened as other type clasps.

Keep in mind the bracelet does not give a lot so bigger wrist may have a hard time wear it. It seems well made and like it will last for a very long time. The stones are nicely set and won't get caught on my clothing or in my hair. This is an amazing bracelet and I will wear it at lot.

The price is amazing too! This bracelet would make a great Valentine's Day Gift!!

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