Friday, November 27, 2015

Probiotics are great for everyone!

Do you know that Probiotics are great for everybody? My daughter's doctor would recommend them when she was throwing up. My doctor recommended them when I was taking an antibiotic so it wouldn't upset my stomach. So I started taking them on a regular basis. And if I forget to take them I take them at the first sign of tummy troubles.

I normally cannot stand to take a full week of strong antibiotics but with the probiotics I was able to take every one of them. I didn't feel sick to my stomach like I normally do, I wasn't nauseated. They really helped.

So I was very excited to work with Basic 4 Balance to introduce y'all to their probiotic.  So why would you need a probiotic?

  • Get the digestive health supplement that everyone needs with today's modern diet.
  • Once only through your doctor, now available direct.
  • Digest better, feel great.

Basic 4 Balance probiotics are 

- PROVEN. the formula is made with the premium strain called DDS-1 that took 50 years to perfect. No other probiotic has this long a track record.
- POWERFUL. The DDS-1 team of PhD's is internationally recognized and awarded for their work. DDS-1 is more tested, powerful, and reliable than the new, generic strains.
- EFFECTIVE. Our superior quality has been clinically proven to improve digestive issues. Stay on our probiotics. Choose quality you can trust. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
- The Ingredients are 100% Natural. Vegan, Non GMO, No Soy, No Nuts, No Gluten, No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Artificial Flavor or Color. Made in USA.

If you want to do further reference on product cinical research background:
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