Thursday, November 12, 2015

Discover BuddHiBox a Yoga inspired beautybox !

Let me start by telling you I don't avidly practice Yoga.  I do some Yoga and Pilates but I have recently started love Meditating. I've always been into the hole peace, tranquility, and love theory.  

So when I saw the Buddhibox I was very intrigued. It's a monthly subscription box that 
delivers mindful living products that enhance your yoga practice on and off the mat. Following the principles of yoga, we are committed to offering product that is ethically sourced, cruelty-free, and created with intention.

For most purposes it is exactly like most subscription boxes but the products are focused on the Principals of Yoga. Depending on how much you are into yoga, that may mean different things. BUT Yoga is about a healthy lifestyle through relaxation, breathing, and exercise. Which I'm all for. I read that certain Yoga poses actually help you fall asleep faster.

When I opened my BuddHiBox I was so excited. It's filled with amazing products that I WILL use. It's not some of the other boxes where I already had a million mascaras and just add to the pile. Most of these things I have never used but will get a ton of uses out of them .

One thing I was really excited about was these People Towels (ARV $11.00) ~~ On the Go Alternative to Paper Towels. I have seen them before but never saw them sold around here. They are a better "paper towel" for the environment plus they will save me money. There are two soft papertowels that are cutely decorated. They are in a nice soft draw string pouch

Another thing that I was so excited about ~~ Brace yourself I was excited about the entire box ~~
The cute Jiva Clothing Sweat Wicking Headband (ARV $10.00)   It's so pretty with the contrast of black and white swirls.   The material is really soft and it has the Fresh Fit and Ultra Dry technology. I hate to work out without a head band so this will get tons of use.

Next Chakra Healing Bag - Energy Muse - (ARV $25.00)  ~~ the bag is full of healing stones. Each color represents a different healing quality. The card attached explains how  to properly use the stones  to help align your body to the Earth.  Again, you were waiting for it -- I am very excited to try this. 

I believe fully that spiritual energy and positive thoughts rule the type of day you will have. It's not that Happy people never have problems it's that they know nothing is perfect and roll with the punches. Try it one day put all negativity away and just be positive. Watch how happy you will be. I KNOW this is not easy to do every day TRUST me but it works. 

I also got an Intention Candle - From In Light + Love Candles (ARV $12.00) ~~  So brace yourself,  I was not excited about this candle until I smelled it! Then was so ready to burn it I forgot to read the directions. This not just any candle it's an intention candle or a message to the universe.  But i didn't write an intention but I will continue to burn the amazing fragrant candle until it's gone. The decorative tin it's in is beautiful. This candle would make an amazing gift for teachers, hair dressers, coworkers, you name it.  It's time to think about Christmas presents already people!! 

Being a soy candle it burns clean as well. The wick doesn't get that huge nasty ball of black ash on it. And it will burn for a LONG Time. I leave it burning for hours at a time and there is hardly any wax missing.

Then there was the Thieves Blend - Optimal healing Oil  - (ARV $10.00) ~~ This Oil was said to thieves give thieves who robbed the dead immunity from the black plague. No I won't be robbing the dead any time soon. But the oil is formulated to kill 99% of airborne bacteria so I was more than happy to try it. It can be rubbed on the bottom of your feet or used in a diffuser. I put some on my feet and it has a nice cool relaxing feeling to it. So if nothing else it is good for sore achy feet. 

A little bonus was Breast Ritual Cream from Circuelle Foundation ~~ This cream is Pro-Breast health Complex that features lots of all natural ingredients, including vitams D & E. The scent is great with a calming effect. 
There was a recipe and a Yoga Pose pose card. Plus the card that explains what's in the box and how to use the products.

Overall I really like this box I will use everything in it .It's one of the best boxes I have discovered. The products are practical yet fun.  

These are all FULL size products. They aren't samples are tiny products. They are also all from businesses that follow ethical and conscious standards of production. Then BuddHiBox gives back because proceeds from each box sold will be donated to a selected charity each month.  So you can feel good about using these products. 

If you would like to sign up you can do so here. There are different plans to fit every budget,

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I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own. 

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