Monday, October 26, 2015

Ultimate Toning and Firming Body Applicator, Body Wrap

I have used a few other wraps and I was very impressed with the design of these. They are very nicely made wraps. They are lightweight and easy to apply. The wrap is big enough to cover my entire stomach but not so big that it interferes with normal movement. It was VERY cold when I first put them on but that feeling goes away after a few seconds.  My husband thought that was so funny!

They don't stick if you are moving a lot so I recommend going over the wrap with a Saran wrap. It will just keep it in place and stop the wrap from crawling around. Even with Saran wrap this wrap was more comfortable than other wraps I have used. I was able to move freely and was not restricted.

The design is almost contoured to the shape of your body so it's not hindering or slowing any body parts.
After hours of sleep I removed my wrap. I twas very easy to remove and there was no pain involved while taking it off. I was SOOO happy to see there was no nasty residue. Don't get me wrong there was some lotion type residue left over but it's wasn't sticky or gooey. I used my anti-cellulite massager to massage it into my skin.

I am on my third wrap and I see a big difference. So I can vouch for them working because   The package comes with four wraps and it's recommended to use one every 4/5 days.After only one wrap my stomach skin feels firmer and looks less flabby.

I can say without a doubt if you are looking for a wrap this is one worth trying. You are not restricted to only using them on your stomach, they can be worn in any of your trouble spots. If you want to try them you can get yours here.
I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own. This post contains affiliate links 

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