Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Minka In Jade Strapless Backless Self Adhesive Wedding Bra with Carrying Case

I wanted to love this bra. I NEED something like this because I am big chested and going without a bra is not an option. I love all the strapless and odd backed dress so when I was able to review this bra I was so excited.
When I opened the package the case is beautiful. It's a hard shell zipper case so the backless bra is very protected. It's pretty compact so it would easily store in a drawer or closet. Zipper glides easily open and closed. It's pink with black felt flowers on it.

The bra is a fancier version of the adhesive silicone cups you can buy. It's really pretty with a lace front and snap close front. The snap is easy to open and close.
Now I am a DD but can wear a D sometimes so I ordered the D.  The minute I took it out I knew it would not fit me. But I was determined to try it anyway because you never know. But just as I suspected it was a no go.

I'm not a bra measuring expert but I would bet this runs small and is probably snug for a D cup. So needless to say it was extremely small on me. It was like I had a little more coverage than if I was wearing pasties.

It offered no support me so my boobs sagged like I was wearing no bra at all. But if speaking truthfully, I basically I did not have a bra one. There was coverage over my nipple so if my breast was perkier on it's own I may have worn the backless bra but I could not do it.

It is very easy to stick on and take off. I took the bra off within 10 minutes of putting it on and it came off with no problems. But once it's stuck it stays in place. I moved around, jumped a little. I was trying to make it fall off but the backless/strapless bra didn't move.

I would buy this product in a heart beat if they made it in a bigger size. But as of right now this product is just okay to me but that is only because of the sizing issue.

The Minka in Jade Strapless Backless bra is available in cup sizes  A - D so if you want to pick up one for yourself you can do so here.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own. This post contains affiliate links 

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