Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Car Garbage Bag by DRIVE


I was so excited to review this garbage bag. Before my "garbage bag" was a plastic bag tied to a piece in my vehicle. Not horrible but it gets in the way. Sometimes if I have passengers that don't normally ride with me I let them move it before the can get in. So this is a big step up! 

Drive's garbage bag is a very nice material and is easy to attach to the seat. It's has an adjustable strap and can be put on any seat with a headrest or pretty much any other place in the car. I love that it's waterproof so those bottles that open and leak will not drip all over my car.

The inside of the bag is big and the mouth is wide so it's easy to throw trash in it and there is no excuse for missing. That means no more trash all over the vehicle. My children are famous for tossing tissues or wrappers everywhere.
The package included a roll of trash bags and I was really happy to see that. As you can see there is a pocket on the side that holds the trash bags neatly and readily available.

The entire bag is easy to clean and will not hold odors or moisturizer. It only takes a wet cloth or wipe to clean it as good as new.  Being black will make it match with most interiors. There is also an option to have the accent strap pink or green.

I love that it keeps my car clean and keep the trash out of the way.  It's a great product and is not limited to use in the car. It can be used in the boat or camper just to name a few other options.

Now the bag doesn't stand up on it's own. It's not flimsy but it's not stiff. That does not bother me but I did want to mention it.

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I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own.  This post contains affiliate links

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