Thursday, October 1, 2015


Have you heard of AdoreMe? If not you should check them out. I wear a 38 DD so  I've never been able to find bras that fit unless I went to Victoria's Secret and those well, cost a small fortune. So when i discovered Adore Me I figured it would be another site for small girls but I was so wrong!
Sets run between $39.99 and $49.99 with sizes in some  sets up to a FFF. That price is less that a bra at VS and you get both the bra and underwear.

If that's not enough they have sleepwear from XS to 6X. Oh and look at the stunning models! They are real size women not stick figures ~~ gotta hand it to AdoreMe for that!


I have those PJs is a two different colors and they are amazing. So soft and comfortable that I will probably by this color as well. My husband loves them too because they are just enough sexy without being too revealing.  And that hot little nurse number is probably my next buy!

They also have lots of adorable swimwear so go check them out!

 If you join the VIP Club you get free gifts with purchases,  sales like /Bye one get one Free, and a FREE set after you buy five.

You can join here

If you sign up I get store credit so please us my link! Once you sign up, you can refer friends for store credit too!! 

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