Sunday, October 18, 2015

Adorable Flower Pacifier Holders

I never leave home without a pacifier holder on my baby. The thought of her noonie dropping on any floor other than at my own house makes me cringe. Truth be told I cringe on my own floor some times. so I was very excited to review these.  they were even more appealing because I love roses. I have a collection of rose decorated items.

They come is a pack of three adorable, girly colors: pink, teal, and purple. Which happen to be three of my favorite colors. Plus with three I know I'll always be able to find at least one when we leave. Or I HOPE I can find at least one. 

They are absolutely adorable, probably even cuter in person than the pictures. The material is much softer than thought it would be. The flowers are loosely made but that gives them a ton of charm. The backing could use a soft material cover because the mesh is exposed but it's not scratchy or as delicate as I expected. My daughter wore the pink one all day and it's still in perfect condition. Trust me she was not gentle with it.

I love the clamp it's a soft plastic so it doesn't stick or irritate my baby's skin. They are also very easy to open and close and hold tightly once clasped. It's super easy to attach a pacifier or toy as well. I love that they are machine washable because that means I KNOW they are clean.

They are very affordable at only $15.90 so if you want to pick up a set you can do so here.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own.

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