Sunday, September 20, 2015

I don't know about you but I get tired of giving the same old gifts every year so I'm always searching for something unique. has the cutest customizeable gifts. Like stationary, day planners, calendars. How adorable to give somebody a planner or journal with their picture and name on it?!!!  I know my daughter would love it.

But I got very sidetracked when I saw the selection of art on  I thought the art was so amazing and I'm building a house soon. So I'm afraid I didn't do much Christmas shopping, I did more "Me" shopping.

I love the foil art it's super unique and some are very eye catching. I could see them matching well all over my new house.  Here are some of my favorites.

So with a few clicks you can create the perfect decor for your entire house.  You choose the picture, the size, of the picture, and the frame. All in your PJs if you're so inclined.  They come in different sizes and there are quite a few different frames to choose. The frames themselves are amazing and unique.The right frame can completely change the look of the picture. It also can determine if the picture is better in a formal setting or a less formal room in the house. 

If foil is not your thing what about scenic pictures? I love beach pictures in an office or bathroom. Minted has a huge selection of scenic art as well.  The same rules apply. There is more than one size to choose and you can pick from a variety of amazing frames.  But you don't have to have them framed, you can get them unframed as well. 

I LOVE that on the site there is a guide to show you exactly ow big the picture is. I always want to go for these huge pieces of art only to find I don't have enough wall space. Hopefully that will change in my new house! 

This just a fraction of the beautiful art selection on but they have SOO much more. There are personalized Christmas cards, save the date cards, wedding invitations and SO much  more!
The site is so user friendly and very easy to navigate.,There is a preview of your work there every step of the way so there will be no surprises when your order arrives.  
Go check out the now, it's never too early to order those personalized Christmas cards. Or maybe you have a wedding coming up?  Watch for savings all over the site - gets 20% off holiday cards with code: Preview2015 but hurry that code ends 9/28/15

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