Saturday, September 12, 2015

"Cruisin’, Bouncin’, and Groovin’ with Pampers Cruisers

Set your baby free with Pampers Cruisers. They can go from sag to swag! These pampers are perfect for little go getters since they are made for active toddlers. We all know that if the diaper can't keep up it's a mess. Not only is sagging and funny looking but it could get very messy. Busy moms have no time for mess! 

Just because my little isn't walking yet doesn't mean she can have her diaper sagging! She rolls, lifts her toes, and tries to scoot. So Pampers Cruisers are great for her. I thought the 3 would be too big but it fit her perfectly! 

saggy, saggy, saggy 
full of Swag 

What's so different about Pamper's Cruisers? 

They ~~~~ 

  • Stay Drier And Doesn’t Sag Like Ordinary Diapers*
  • Don’t sag like ordinary diapers* -- So your baby can finally move freely.
  • Extra Absorb Channels™  --Specially designed to help distribute wetness evenly
  • Unique 3-Way - -- Adapts at the waist, legs and bottom to move with your baby
  • Flexible Leg Cuffs  - Gently seal around your baby's legs for a strong leakage barrier

So why do they stay drier? Pampers diapers have three layers of protection and a thin core to help lock away wetness and provide up to 12 hours of protection.  I have made Pampers my go to brand. Once I switched my baby started sleeping through the night. She also doesn't fuss as much when she is wet. Then I stopped needed diaper rash medicine. That shows you how much they really do keep the wetness away from her skin!

Have you ever checked out Pampers wipes? They are much bigger and feel better a lot of other brands I have tried. My daughter (of course not the baby) asked where I go the amazing wipes. Then exclaimed they are much more moist and better than the others. I'm paraphrasing of course but that is what she said in a six year old way.


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