Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Sally Hansen

I haven't been this excited about a new beauty product in a long time. This is the product I've been wanting forever. I got to try Salley Hansen Airbrush Legs. This is NOT a self tanner, I repeat NOT a self tanner. This is a leg make up.

Okay for all of you scratching your head wondering why you would need a leg make up. Let me fill you in.. I hate my legs. No matter how tan I get i can't get rid of my scars and odd coloring. So when I was younger I would wear stockings under shorts.  That worked my legs looked flawless but they also looked like well, I was wearing stockings. And in 100 degree weather nobody LIKES to wear stockings.

So when I saw this I picked up a trail size and was using it for weeks before I got to work with Influenster and try a bottle complimentary.  This stuff is great! I got the light and it blends in perfectly with my leg color. My legs are not the whitest of the white but they're not Hawaiian tropic material either.  But I you want to look like you have a tan grab a darker shade, I'm thinking about doing that next time I buy a refill.

It's very similar to foundation but it's a thick consistency and waterproof. YES -- I can wear it to the beach, a pool party and nobody will know my legs aren't amazing on their own. Sorry, off track, it goes on extremely smooth but I recommend taking the same precautions that are for self tanner. I use a glove and a tanning mitt worked great.

Make sure to blend well so there are no streaks and viola' you have flawless legs. Truly my legs look amazing and it lasts all day long.  So I use this EVERY time I'm going somewhere. It covers my minor scares and camouflages some of the worse ones.

I'm definitely trying the one for the face because that may save me from having to photo shop pictures!

I got this product complimentary from my friends at Influenster in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine.  Wanna join me on Influenster and get your hands on new products to try? You can join here. 

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