Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Oral Irrigator

Since this review is my honest opinion I will start off by telling you this Irrigator and I did not get along for a while. I actually was very scared of it because every time I tried to use it I would shoot water EVERY where. And that stuff HURT. I almost blinded myself one time. But eventually I got smart and figured out how to use it.

There is a charging indicator light that blinks when the base is charging and stays lit when it's at a complete charge. I love that because I don't need to guess. It stays charged for a long time. I know I've used it three times and my husband used it at least twice and that was the original charge.

The body is very well made, a little bulky but still lightweight and easy to manage. There is a small reservoir that holds the water that is very easy to fill just pop open the top. The top is securely closed and does not come open when the Flosser is in use.  I do wish the the reservoir was bigger because it runs out after one use if not during that use.

Once I figured out the correct way to do things I really enjoyed using it. The trick is turn the machine on AFTER it's in your mouth. You can leave your mouth open slightly to let the water run out so be over the sink or in the tub. There are two heads in the package so more than one person can use the irrigator.

It does not cause in pain in the mouth in neither the gum or teeth area.  I felt it working but nothing uncomfortable.  After the first use I felt the difference in my mouth. My teeth felt cleaner, my mouth felt less icky (for lack of a different reference)  My husband didn't believe me he said that was in my mind.

Then he used it and wow he felt a difference as well. Guess it wasn't all in my mind after all huh!?
I will use this on my daughter because for some reason her two front teeth are discolored. She is so excited. She was excited when I got in the flosser she told me all about them, Yes she is strange, she gets it from her momma.

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