Thursday, August 20, 2015

Memory Foam Seat Cushion by CushionCare

I have to go to the office once a month and when I do we sit in the most uncomfortable excruciating chairs you can imagine. They are designed to sit for a few and then leave  not work 10 hours a day in them. So when I get home I hurt so bad.

I was so excited to review this cushion because it looks like the perfect solution to the problem. It's a very nice soft memory foam material with a microfiber cover. Actually 2 microfiber covers.  If your into the grey cover one day then the blue the next it's super easy to take them on and off. That is also great because you will have one while the other is in the washing machine.

Memory foam is just about the most amazing material ever made. I have  a memory foam pillow and mattress cover. And I love them, this is no different. it is very soft to sit on. It is just big enough for my bum and the top of my thighs. I love that it has a slight give but it doesn't fall flat when I sit on it.  The company claims the pillow never goes flat.  In fact there is a LIFETIME 100% money back guarantee.

It brings a little height to me while I'm sitting which is odd at first but I got used to sitting on the pillow really quickly. I'm not sure if it's supposed to but mine let's off a cooling sensation. I actually felt great sitting on it and cooled off my body temperature.

I sat on the cushion for a while and when I got up the foam started rising. In a few seconds it was back to it's original fluffy state. It's so portable it can be used any where and there is a handle on the side for easy carrying.

Check out the Memory Foam Cushion for yourself 

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  1. This looks like it would be great for traveling and long road trips.