Monday, August 24, 2015

Flexible tripod

I never knew how beneficial a tripod could be until I tried one. With a bluetooth shutter control this leaves your hands completely free. No hands, no shaky pictures, no shaky pictures = Yay much better quality so now I love a tripod to help with my blog pictures.

My hand has never been steady so I need the extra help keeping the camera in place.  But that is a "normal" tripod this one is anything but normal and it's fabulous. I was very excited to try this Flexible Tripod from Goma Industries. It's pretty unique and interesting even though I have used a flexible tripod before. The legs are made of a completely different material is completely different so it's a flexpod.

I felt like Dr. Seuss when I was taking pictures of this tripod. I can hang it on the shelve, I can fold over here, I can bend it over there. Pretty corny I know but true. The legs are made of a very flexible material so they are bendy and can be in just about any position you can think up.

The remote control remote is the BEST feature ever. That means my clumsy self does not have to touch the camera to take a picture. And the remote is easy to sync to the phone, just liek any other blue tooth product. 

It can hang or stand and it's sturdy/steady either way. The phone holder is okay but can one only be screwed on one way. I have also used better made ones.

Speaking of angels imagine what level you can bring your photos to if you can take pictures from a completely unique angle? Let's face it your arms can only stretch so much, no matter how hard you try right? Hang this baby on a rafter and boom the whole gang can be in the shot.

Great quality and even bending, unbending the legs does not seem to compromise the leg's structural integrity. They are well protected with a soft material so I think they will last a long time. They legs feel like pool noodles!

Want pictures that are a whole new level?? Check it out : 


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