Thursday, August 13, 2015

A better way to keep baby clean ~~ Silicone Baby Bibs

I will admit I gross out when I feed my baby girl. She spits and it gets really nasty so we have been feeding her in her diaper only. That's okay for the house but what about when we are out in public? Those little bibs are decent  but they still get wet and gross then I have to put them in the diaper bag dirty. That's gross too so I was very happy to try these Silicone Bibs by Snug.

They are completely unique compared to any other bibs I have used. In shape, design, material, and more. Let's start with the material because that is what makes them so amazing. The entire bib is made from silicone. So it's not only soft and squishy without being cloth, it's VERY easy to clean. All it takes is a wipe or paper towel and the bib looks good as new.

What is different about the shape? It looks very similar to most bibs but there is a little folded up flap at the bottom to catch run away food. That's not extremely necessary now with baby food but imagine how much cleaner the floor could be when my baby girl is eating on her own.

Design is way different as far as the tie/fastener. This one I'm not so sure I love. On one hand it really stays in place and it's very easy to adjust. The other hand the closure snap keeps falling off.  The tie is soft of course not as soft as the bib but it's comfortable and doesn't irritate my baby's neck.

The bib is fairly wide so it covers a good bit of her body.Well honestly most of her body but that's for now. When she gets bigger I think it will cover a good bit. But either way it catches all the spills that would be on her, her clothes, and maybe me. 

You can pick up a set here

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  1. Okay, she is just stinkin' adorable!! That third picture just brought a huge smile to my face. But I digress, I love that bib! I totally agree about how wet and gross those little cloth bibs are. I wish these had been around when my son was that age.