Friday, July 24, 2015

Zubels The Best Baby Rattles In The World!

When I first saw Zubles I thought they were the most adorable rattles in I had ever seen. Combine that with the fact that each one is hand stuffed to make them huggable and loveable. And they each hand knit with 100% super soft organic cotton yarns. Zubels uses eco-friendly low-impact dyes and has minimal packaging to reduce environmental waste. So when supporting Zubels I'm protecting my baby from harmful dyes and I'm helping the environment at the same time. So I can feel very good about myself! 

Not to mention my daughter LOVES Gordan the Grasshopper. I will admit there was much debate around my house on what type of bug this was. But turns out my husband was right, he's a grasshopper. Let's not tell my husband, that will only go straight to his head! 

But my daughter grabs Gordan any time he is around but I can see why. He is the perfect size for her little hands. Plus he is so soft! I din't feel the rattles inside but you can hear them. I like that they don't sound like beads hitting on plastic. It's a soft rattle sound.  But most of the time she hold him like a teddy bear. 

The stitching is impeccable. It's almost invisible which is exactly what a baby rattle needs. There are no pulls or strings for her to try to grab. There are NO hard parts that I have to worry about her chewing off and swallowing. Gordan is so well made he will be around for a long time. 

I wish I would have had these for my other little ones as I am CERTAIN she is my last.But we will hold on to Gordan and pass him down to the grandchildren.

Sorry for the face but I swear she refuses to smile for the camera. Every time I pull it out she stops smiling! 

Check out Zubels here  they offer much more than rattles. There are things for children of all ages. 
The bug rattle collection can be found here. I am totally in love with Lanneybug the Ladybug and Stanley the Happy Spider. 

Which is your favorite? 

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own.

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