Sunday, July 26, 2015

Yoga Towel Sets by Clever Yoga

I love Yoga Towels not only do they keep my mat cleaner but they are soft so it's a little extra cushion for my when I lay down.

I have quiet a few Yoga towels but this is one of the largest I own it's a whopping  72"x24" so that covers the entire mat with a little extra. The extra is great because it help prevent it from rolling up and NOT covering anything. I like that the towel sticks to the mat and doesn't move while I'm doing sit ups.  That's a huge pain when that happens.

I love the color scheme it's a  pretty mint/sea green with a pink trim. The trim is well sown and the microfiber quality is great. I will say it again, Microfiber is probably the best material on earth. It dry so quickly and it doesn't absorb liquids like cotton or other fibers. Plus it cleans so easy too, I have microfiber sofa and I LOVE it.

So since this towel is microfiber it doesn't hold the sweat like any other towels would. You can drench the towel and it won't be dripping wet. That is exactly what I need when I exercise. If I keep wet clothes on me too long, I get chafed. So at least I know my towel is dry then when I get home I throw it in the washing machine (NO dryer sheets!!)  That prevents my yoga mat from stinking and getting dirty. Those are a lot harder to wash than a towel. 

Since it folds the Clever Yoga Towel is much easier to carry than a Yoga Mat so you can use the mats at the gym without laying on other people's sweat. Or it rolls neatly with my yoga mat and fits in my yoga bag. Either way it's very portable and still sanitary so you decide how much you want to carry.  

Then the set comes with a FREE smaller exact replica of this towel. I put it in my gym bag and one day I forgot my face towel. So I used the smaller 24"x15" to wipe my face and not the best towel for that but it was very absorbent. I know it's silly but I think that's what bothered me so much it was never wet. I guess I felt like it wasn't wiping my face. But on the contrary it was wiping my face while staying dry. So not as bad as I originally thought. But was amazing to lay on the back/bottom of the machines so I didn't sweat all over the machine. 

Over all great yoga towel if you use a mat and don't have a yoga towel I HIGHLY recommend one. You can check out the other colors that Clever Yoga offers here

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine. I would never recommend a product I didn't feel was good for my readers.

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