Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Who says there is nothing nice about that Time of the Month ?

I was not sure what to expect from TOMBoxes. To be honest I thought it would be all about pads and tampons and I wasn't sure if I would feel comfortable writing about it.But I'm so glad I decided to work with them for a review.  The TOMbox is so much more than feminine hygiene products and chocolate. Not that I have anything against either. Actually during my time of the month I would have been extremely happy to see a box full of them.

But TOMBox incorporates YOUR choice of tampons or pads with lots of other things to make a girl feel super special. Even if it is that time of the month, make and jewelry can cheer just about every girl up. Don't you agree?

When you decide you want to sign up there is a quiz for TOMBox to get to know you. Your tone, hair color, likes every thing it takes to get you a box you will love.  That's great because the box delivered to you is not generic for everybody, it's for you.

This is what I got in my TOMBox:

Cargo Jet Lag Concealer :  I LOVE this concealer it has a built in brush applicator so I all I have to do is click and apply. It's a great color and coverage.

Bella Pierre : Cheek and lip stain -- This is a really nice cream consistency blush 

Conway - Hair Oil  I have not used this yet 

Cailyn - Bronze eyeliner I have to say I didn't think I would like a bronze eyeliner but it works perfect with the summer glow look. Motice the built in brush, LOVE it. 

Ciga - Powdered shadow in a purple hue 

No explanation needed 

Who wouldn't love this necklace? 
This adorable bangle bracelet 

Sampar Face Masque - sample size 

All of this is starting at only $10.00 per month!! This is the best deal I have seen with a subscription box so far.  It has great makeup and skin care brands, jewelry, beauty tools, plus you get the necessities, pad or tampons. So if you treat yourself to Tomboxes you can ALWAYS justify it by saying it's a great way not have to run to the store every time I start my period.

If you sign up tell them alwaysblabbing sent you! You can sign up here.

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I received these products complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all my own.

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