Friday, July 31, 2015

Lipowrap Body Application

I was so skeptical of this product. I would see a ton of people exclaiming that these wraps work and they loved them. But I just never really got that because HOW would a wrap work?? Why would it make up lose inches? So when I got  chance to try these I was SOOOO excited because if they work, yay right??!! 

So I was sent the LipoWrap Body and LipoPatch Buttocks Up.This is my experience with the Body Wrap. 

My husband would fuss and laugh at me every time I put on a wrap but was still helping every step of the way.  The Body Wrap was used on my stomach because is HUGE and wraps from one side of my belly to the other. So it covers my entire problem area. 

It's easy to apply all you do is peel the back and stick on. Then wrap over it with Saran Wrap that keeps it in place. It's really funny because I crinkle when I walked down the hall. The wrap smells really strong but it's a good smell. 

It feels AMAZING on there is this cool, warming sensation. I know that is contradictory but if you've used a wrap you know what I'm talking about. 

So the pictures below are before my first wrap and the one of the left is after my first wrap. 

Not much of a difference but the instructions say you MAY see results after the first wrap so this is not unusual.  I will be totally honest when I took the wrap off for the first time I was disgusted. It leaves behind a sticky gooey film. That is what you see on my stomach in the second picture. That stuff does not come off unless you shower. So my suggestion is be ready to shower when you take it off. I use my wrap all night and shower off the film in the morning.

But I was determined to keep going. My husband of course laughed and asked me why bother, they are not going to work anyway. But still being the champ that he is he put my second and third wrap on and wrapped me in Saran Wrap.  I took the picture below a few minutes after I took off my THIRD wrap.

So I did a side by side comparison of the pics and showed my husband. I noticed the little "wings' are gone. I really don't see them protruding like they do in the first and second pictures.

So his skeptical behind was like, 'Maybe it's because you have different underwear on. But I do see a difference in the picture" So I raised up my shirt and his eyebrows lifted like wow it really did erase those wings.  So even he was impressed with the results after THREE. I still have not used the forth.

I have worked out for months and watched every thing shrink but my stomach so this was such an amazing thing to see. So if you need a little boost in the tummy area I would recommend trying these wraps. They ca be used on any part of the body if you don't need help in the stomach area. Trust me,I was a big time skeptic!

I'm sure you want to try these for yourself!! So you can pick them up here.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for my honest opinion but the opinion expressed is all mine. I would never recommend a product I didn't feel was good for my readers.This post contains affiliate links 

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